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100% viscose

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Viyella viscose fabric is a natural material widely used in the manufacture of clothing, such as dresses, blouses, and other fashion garments. This fabric combines the properties of viscose but is a little thicker than our other viscose. And the main difference is that the weave in this case is twill, which gives it elegance and distinction.

Characteristics of Viyella viscose fabric:
  1. Composition of natural fibers: Viyella viscose fabric is mainly composed of viscose, a fiber derived from wood cellulose. This characteristic gives it its softness and comfort, making it an ideal choice for garments that are in direct contact with the skin.
  2. Breathability: Viscose is known for its ability to absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe. This makes the fabric comfortable to wear in hot and humid climates, as it helps to keep you cool and prevent you from feeling excessively sweaty.
  3. Softness and drape: Viscose gives the fabric a silk-like softness and a flowing drape, giving it an elegant look and feel. This makes the fabric ideal for garments that require mobility and fluidity, such as dresses and blouses.
  4. Full color printing capability: As for the rest of our catalog, we offer the possibility of printing this fabric in full color. This means that viscose viyella fabric lends itself perfectly to printing various patterns, designs and colors. This gives designers and manufacturers the flexibility to create fashionable garments with attractive, customized prints.
  5. Versatility: Viyella viscose fabric is versatile in terms of style and occasion. It can be used to create both casual and formal garments, depending on the design and construction. In addition, the possibility of full color printing makes it suitable for a wide range of garments and styles.
  6. Durability: Despite its delicate appearance, this fabric is durable and can maintain its quality with proper care, such as gentle washing and drying.

All in all, viscose viyella fabric is an attractive choice for apparel, thanks to its softness, breathability and full-color printability. This natural fabric lends itself to fashion creativity and allows for the creation of unique and stylish garments for a variety of occasions.

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iRequest a color chart with approximately 1,600 different shades to ensure you get the desired colors in your design.
iChoose this option if you only need the fabric in its base color, without a print.

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