Get the most out of your designs with Textilfy and its garment manufacturing service

A few years ago Textilfy revolutionised textile printing by giving you the possibility of printing your designs from one metre of fabric. Now Textilfy also offers a garment manufacturing service, with which you can print your designs on finished products from one unit. Easy and convenient.

We handcraft for you from 1 unit upwards


You send us your design and we take care of everything.


Prototype easily and reduce risk with our 3D configurator.


Up to 25 products and more than 100 combinations

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We will have up to 25 products with more than 100 combinations ready at the click of a button.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, totebags and many more products divided by categories for women, men, children, accessories and home. Upload your design easily and produce from 1 unit. We help you in the whole process of design development so that your ideas are embodied in all your products as you imagine.

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We make handmade products for you

We know that it is somewhat complex to make your products once you receive your printed fabric, that’s why Textilfy makes the whole process easy for you. You receive your finished product at home ready to use or market it. The manufacture of clothing is our job and we take care of following up all the processes: design, prototyping, printing, making, finishing and shipping.

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Select the product and configuration that you want for your design.

Choose from our 25 ready-made products and select how to personalise it with the different fabrics and accessories.

Upload your designs to our 3D configurator and adapt them to your taste.

If you have any questions about how to assemble your garment or accessory, write to us at and we will help you through the whole process.

Pay for selected units and don’t overspend

Save hundreds of products in stock and produce on demand only with the units you are actually going to sell.

We print and manufacture in a sustainable and handmade way.

Our inks are water-based and OEKO-TEX class 1 certified. Our manufacturing is done locally and handmade.

Sostenibilidad Textilfy

Producing hundreds of units is a thing of the past

More sustainable because you only produce what you sell. More efficient because you can iterate your designs constantly and very cheaply. We are convinced that there is another way of making clothes that is more conscious and that allows you to have control of your product to improve it a little bit more each time.

With on-demand production, emerging designers can launch collections without the pressure of large upfront investments in inventory. This encourages creativity and experimentation, as the costs and risks associated with high-volume production are significantly reduced.

In addition, on-demand manufacturing is a more sustainable choice. By producing only what is needed, waste of material and resources is minimised, contributing to a more conscious and environmentally friendly fashion industry. This methodology represents not only an evolution in the way we think about and produce fashion, but also a step towards more responsible and personalised consumption practices.

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