Natural silk habotai

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100% silk

138 cm

Natural habotai silk, with its 8 mommies delicacy and chiffon-like texture, is the perfect choice for high quality scarves. This fabric stands out for its subtle transparency and lightness, offering a refined and elegant appearance. After washing, habotai silk reveals an even softer and more pleasant feel, enhancing its value and appeal.

Characteristics of the fabric:

  • Delicacy and transparency: With its fine gauze-like weave, natural habotai silk is ideal for creating lightweight scarves with lovely transparency.
  • Soft and enhanced feel: The quality of the fabric intensifies with each wash, ensuring an exceptionally soft and comfortable feel.
  • Natural elegance: Natural habotai silk brings a natural sophistication to any garment, especially scarves and fashion accessories.
  • Quality and durability: Despite its delicacy, this silk fabric offers remarkable durability, maintaining its beauty and quality over time.

Fabric Specifications:

  • Material: 8 mommies natural habotai silk.
  • Recommended Use: Perfect for scarves, as well as other garments and accessories that require a fine and elegant weave.
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iRequest a color chart with approximately 1,600 different shades to ensure you get the desired colors in your design.
iChoose this option if you only need the fabric in its base color, without a print.

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