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Frequently asked questions.
How do I prepare the design I want to print?
To prepare your design for printing, you have two options: You can upload a rapport (a repeating pattern) and Textilfy will copy it by repeating the design along the fabric to complete the chosen meters or you can upload the design full size and adjust the length and width you want to buy.
What is the minimum and maximum length I can print?
The minimum printable length in any of the fabrics is 1 meter. On that meter you have the possibility of entering as many designs as you want, if you set the file to the actual size.Here, we explain how to do it.

As of 100cm you can add fabric centimeter by centimeter.

The maximum length in leatherette fabric is 3 meters. In other fabrics it is 8 meters. You can buy more meters but the cloths will be up to that length.

In the preview when uploading your design, only the first 3 meters will be shown.
How long does it take to receive my order?
In making the fabric, we usually take 3 working days maximum. You should also add the shipping time depending on the destination. More information.

Textify will inform you of your order status anytime and will send you the shipment tracking so you can locate the package. You can also track the order from here.
Why is the uploaded picture so small?
Textilfy recognizes the exact size of the image you are uploading regardless of the pixels per inch (PPI) it has. But it should always be of 150ppi minimum resolution for a safe printing.

For example, if you upload an image of 145x100cm to 300ppi, we will print it in 145x100cm. But if you upload a image of 145x100cm to less than 150ppi, for example to 72ppi, Textilfy will transform it to 150ppi, so your print size will be reduced to approximately 70x48cm. Then, Textilfy will copy it to cover the entire selected width and length.
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