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Mar 11, 2024 · 4 min read

In the world of the textile industry, cotton fabrics have always been and continue to be a mainstay, offering a wide range of options to meet the most exacting demands: from soft knit shirting to luxurious 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Cotton has earned its reputation as one of the most versatile and prized fibers in fashion and the home. In this series you will learn about the universe of cotton fabrics, exploring its different types, the most demanded fabrics and its applications in various fields.

Types of cotton: Deciphering its origins and qualities

Cotton, which originates from the cotton plant, comes in a variety of species, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Among the many varieties of cotton, four main species stand out and are widely used in the textile industry:

  1. Gossypium Arboreum: Native to India and Pakistan, this type of cotton is distinguished by its short fiber and limited strength. Although less common compared to other varieties, it is still used in the manufacture of certain textile garments and cotton fabrics.
  2. Gossypium Herbaceum: Native to Africa, it shares similar characteristics with Arboreum, including its short fiber and lower strength. Despite its somewhat inferior quality, it is still in use in the textile industry.
  3. Gossypium Hirsutum: Known as the “American cotton”, Hirsutum is one of the most widely used and recognized types worldwide. With its extra long and versatile fiber, this cotton produces soft, breathable and durable fabrics, making it a popular choice for a wide variety of garments.
  4. Gossypium Barbadense: Native to South America and Africa, Barbadense, also known as “Egyptian cotton,” is the top quality in the textile industry. With its extra long fiber and exceptional softness, Barbadense is the preferred choice for luxury and high-end garments.

In addition to these main species, there is a variety of organic and eco-friendly cotton that is grown using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods, offering a conscious alternative for sustainability-conscious consumers. At Textilfy you can find several GOTS-certified options such as:

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Cotton fabrics and their types: Exploring its textures and uses.

Cotton, once spun and woven, gives rise to a wide range of cotton fabrics that vary according to weave, texture, weight and uses. Here are some of the cotton fabrics most in demand by the textile industry for fashion, decoration and home furnishings:

  1. Twill: Recognizable by its distinctive diagonal pattern, twill is a strong, durable fabric commonly used in outerwear and home accessories. Its dense texture and ability to resist water make it ideal for a variety of applications, from jackets to upholstery.
    Here you can see the types we have available.
  2. Viyela or Villela: With its thickness and warmth, viyela is a popular fabric for winter clothing. Its natural finish and easy handling make it a versatile choice for a wide range of garments, from pajamas to blouses to suits.
  3. Voile: Renowned for its softness and lightness, voile is ideal for scarves or foulards. Its subtle transparency and the “openwork” of the print on the back side make it a versatile option and adaptable to a variety of styles and designs.
    Here you can buy the one we print.
  4. Poplin: With its stiff texture and impeccable finish, poplin is the ideal choice for shirts and garments that require a polished and elegant look. Originally from France, this fabric has endured over the centuries, maintaining its status as a timeless classic in fashion.
    At Textilfy we have a 114 gram GOTS option and a 98 gram GOTS option.
  5. Canvas. Loneta are, in general, cotton fabrics weighing more than 100 grams that you can use in the manufacture of accessories, cushions, toiletry bags, bags, upholstery, blinds, etc.. It is a resistant product with an attractive texture.
    In Textilfy you will find these options.
  6. Knit. It is mainly used in the manufacture of clothing such as T-shirts, baby clothes, children’s T-shirts, light pajamas, yoga pants and dresses. This versatility makes it a sought-after fabric for a wide range of applications in casual and comfort fashion. It is a soft, breathable cotton fabric ideal for these uses.
    These are our choices.

What are the applications and uses of cotton fabrics in their different fields?

In addition to their use in fashion and home, cotton fabrics are applied in a variety of fields, from medicine to the automotive industry. Its softness, breathability and ability to absorb moisture make it ideal for apparel, bedding and home textiles. In addition, cotton is also used in the manufacture of medical products, such as bandages and gauze, due to its hypoallergenic nature and softness to the touch.

In the automotive industry, cotton fabrics are used in the manufacture of coating and insulation materials, taking advantage of their durability and abrasion resistance. In addition, recycled cotton is gaining popularity as a sustainable alternative to synthetic materials in the manufacture of textile and consumer products.

In summary, cotton fabrics stand out as one of the most versatile and appreciated fibers in the textile industry, offering a wide range of options to meet a variety of needs and applications. From its different types to its most sought-after weaves, cotton continues to be a popular choice among consumers and manufacturers alike.

If you have questions about which cotton fabric to choose for your project, contact the Textilfy team through our chat, by phone at 910493991 or email We will be happy to help you find the cotton printed fabric that best suits your needs.

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