Customer's synthetic fabric

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160 cm

Max. 500 g/m2

At Textilfy, we value your creativity and offer a unique customization service: bring your own synthetic fabric and we will bring it to life with your designs. Being polyester fiber, our printing process offers sharp details while maintaining the organic texture and quality of the material you bring. With the customer's synthetic fabric option, we want to make it easy for you to print on fabrics you are already working with.

To guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction, your fabric must meet certain conditions:

  1. It must be 100% synthetic, or contain at least 75% synthetic fiber.
  2. The color of the fabric must be white or light natural shades. Never colored.
  3. We do not accept fabrics with lint or loose fibers.
  4. The maximum width for printing is 160 cm.
  5. Send an additional 80 cm to 1 meter of the fabric you wish to print.
  6. Clearly indicate the side of the fabric to be printed.
  7. For orders of more than 5 meters, the fabric must come in a reel or an additional cost will be applied.
  8. Since we use customer supplied fabrics, the final result may vary.
  9. Be sure to clearly mark your package with your name or order reference.
  10. Use the shipping address at the bottom of this website to send us your "customer synthetic fabric".

If you have any questions about this, please contact us at

With design
iUpload your own design and receive your synthetic fabric with your design in full colour.
Color chart
iOrder a colour chart with approximately 1600 different shades to make sure you get the desired colours in your design.

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The production time for this garment is a minimum of 8 days.

Price varies based on production technique, print placement, product color and size, tax and shipping. You can see the exact date of your order at checkout.