Neoprene knit

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95% polyester - 5% elastane

142 cm

Neoprene knit is a revolution in the textile world, offering a unique combination of functionality and style. This fabric, known for its strength, elasticity and insulating properties, has become a popular choice in various areas of fashion and accessories. It is also environmentally friendly because it is recycled and GRS certified.

Initially recognized for its use in sportswear, neoprene knitted fabric effectively protects against wind and cold, making it ideal for outerwear such as sports jackets and coats. Its ability to maintain body temperature makes it a preferred choice for athletes and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

In recent years, neoprene knit has transcended the boundaries of sportswear to become part of contemporary fashion. Designers have embraced this material for its unique structure and ability to hold its shape, creating innovative feminine garments such as skirts, straight dresses and stylish jackets. Its smooth texture and professional finish add a modern and sophisticated touch to any garment.

In addition to its use in clothing, neoprene knitwear has found its place in the creation of practical and durable accessories. Its strength and flexibility make it perfect for electronic device cases, bags and other items that require extra protection. The ease with which this fabric is worked also makes it popular with sewing and DIY design enthusiasts.

Despite its sturdiness, neoprene knit is surprisingly easy to care for. This fabric can be easily washed, ensuring that garments and accessories maintain their appearance and functionality over time.

In short, neoprene knit is a versatile, high-performance fabric, ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether in sportswear, cutting-edge fashion or functional accessories, neoprene knit offers an unrivaled combination of durability, comfort and modern style.

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