Lycra knit

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82% polyester - 18% elastane

145 cm

Discover the potential of this 270 grams lycra knitted fabric, an ideal item for use in the world of fashion and sportswear. Heavier than the 190 gram GRS recycled lycra knit, this fabric is ideal for swimwear and sportswear, offering a superior quality feel and exceptional durability.

The higher density of this fabric not only adds quality, but also ensures greater opacity and strength. This makes it perfect for swimwear that requires reliable coverage and a secure feel when worn. In addition, its extra weight provides a touch of structure and shape, enhancing the design and fit of the garment.

In the athletic arena, this lycra knit is a wise choice for leggings and workout wear. Its ability to stretch while maintaining its shape offers unparalleled comfort and flexibility, allowing complete freedom of movement during any physical activity. The robustness of the fabric ensures that the garments retain their shape and appearance, even under heavy use.

Despite its weight and resistance, this fabric maintains the softness and elasticity characteristic of lycra, ensuring a comfortable fit and adaptability to different body types. It is a versatile fabric that adapts to a variety of styles and needs, from fashion design to functional sportswear.

Lycra knit is a demonstration of how quality and performance can go hand in hand in the world of fabrics. With its substantial weight, durability and flexibility, it is an ideal choice for those looking to create garments that excel in both style and functionality.

In conclusion, our Lycra knit is an outstanding choice for designers and consumers who value quality, durability and performance in their garments. Whether for swimwear, sportswear or leggings, this fabric offers a robust, high-quality solution for a wide range of fashion applications.

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