T-shirt stitch

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96% polyester - 4% elastane

155 cm

T-shirt knit, also known as jersey, is an essential material in the world of fashion and apparel, prized for its versatility and quality. This fabric, made from a synthetic-based twisted yarn, is known for its exceptional print quality, allowing colors to show through vividly and durably, an essential quality for eye-catching, modern designs applied in T-shirt making.

Weighing 160 gr/m2, T-shirt knit is 100% polyester and stands out as an ideal choice for times of climatic transition. Its breathable nature, combined with a texture and appearance similar to natural cotton, makes it extremely comfortable to wear at any time of the year. This breathability ensures that garments made with jersey knit are ideal for both warm days and layering in colder climates, providing versatility throughout the different seasons.

In addition to its weather adaptability, this fabric possesses durability and maintenance characteristics that make it exceptionally practical. It is strong and lightweight, making it resistant to daily wear and tear without sacrificing comfort. Its resistance to shrinkage during washing and its ability to maintain its shape even after stretching make it an ideal choice for frequently used garments. In addition, its tendency not to wrinkle makes it easy to care for and maintain, making it a favorite fabric for casual and travel wear.

Another notable advantage of jersey knit is its light absorption and quick drying characteristics, which are especially valuable. As for textile printing, this fabric ensures that printed colors remain bright and clear, even after multiple washings, which is crucial for maintaining the aesthetics of garments.

In summary, jersey knit is a multi-faceted fabric that offers comfort, durability and versatility. It is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from casual and sportswear to high-end fashion garments. Its ease of care, along with its breathable and high quality printing properties, make it a favorite for designers and consumers alike.

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