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Shopping groups.
Discount through unity.
Join the group purchasing offer to enjoy the discounts applied to the purchase of large amounts of fabrics. Even if you only buy a small amount, group purchasing allows you to get special discounts if you buy together with your friends or other Textilfy users.
Current shopping groups.
Here are the group purchasing options available right now. You can join any of them to enjoy group discounts!
Join the discount.
Textilfy's group purchasing allows every client no matter big or small to enjoy exclusive discounts that, otherwise would only be available for collectives or professionals used to buying large amounts.
Más de 6 Metros
15% de descuento
Más de 16 Metros
28% de descuento
Más de 26 Metros
37% de descuento
Más de 50 Metros
53% de descuento
Más de 200 Metros
60% de descuento
You don't need to be a wholesaler to get our fabrics at wholesale price!
Both at Textilfy and in the textile field on the whole there are some fixed costs (preparing the machinery, adapting your design, getting the fabric and inks ready, energy consumption of the turning up and starting up of the machine, etc.) when the process of production of your fabric begins that have an impact on the price of the fabric regardless of the quantity ordered. For example, it costs us the same to prepare the machines for printing on one metre of fabric than doing it for 100 metres. That is why the price of a linear metre of fabric gets cheaper for larger orders.

Until now you could only enjoy these discounts if you were a wholesaler or placed a wholesale order. From now on and thanks to group purchasing you can make wholesale orders with your friends and other users of Textilfy and enjoy our discounts! Even if you only order one metre of fabric!
Save up to 60% in your orders.
You can get up to 60% discount in some of our fabrics just by joining a purchasing group on Textilfy.
Share the discount with your friends.
Have you joined a group purchase? Share it with your friends and followers and let them join you. The more users add their orders to the group, the bigger the discount you all can get!
Only you can see your order.
Your design and any other information related to your order stay always private and are can only be seen by you.