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Leatherette Nº2

The leatherette is mainly used in upholstery, home decoration, automotive and accessories. Our customers use the leatherette Nº2 fabric to make bags, purses, headboards...
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More thickness, greater resistance.
Textilfy's leatherette Nº2 fabric is even thicker than the leatherette Nº1 fabric and, also, a little less flexible, which makes it slightly more resistant. Its texture is more modern, giving originality to the final product.
High quality.
The leatherette Nº2 fabric is more textured but slightly smoother than the original. When you touch it, you sense a quality product.
Characteristics and composition.
The leatherette Nº2 fabric is composed of 90% PVC / 10% PES, with 135 printable centimeters. It has 1.5mm of thick and it weights 560 grams per square meter. The leatherette doesn't stretch although it is flexible. It doesn't fray. We sent it in a tube to be protected and not fold.
Perfect print with intense and long-lasting colors.
Although the surface is textured, the printing gets used to it and the printed colors remain perfect. For printing, you can also use eco-friendly inks, which can be used for baby product.
Impermeability easy to clean.
Liquid can drop on it or it can stain because it is really easy to clean with a damp cloth. It doesn't discolor and can be cut with scissors without fraying. Simple products of excellent quality can be made with it.
Be amazed with the original creations of our customers.
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Care and maintenance.
To clean it, you can use a damp or a soapy cloth. It is not advisable to use any solvents, bleach, chemical detergent or polish spray.
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Our leatherette Nº2, also unprinted.
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